You've probably spent hours planning and dreaming of your wedding day. Little details go a long way, but have you thought about the less glamorous stuff like who will be your point on contact when the caterer is late? That's the kind of stuff you leave to your day-of coordinator.

So, what is a Day-Of Coordinator?

Your Coordinator is dealing with everything from managing the day's timeline, to making sure all your vendors are accounted for, and setting your floor plan. A Day-Of Coordinator allows you the time to enjoy yourself and only worry about saying "I Do." 


I'm there to offer assistance during the last few weeks before the wedding and ensure nothing is over looked or missed. My service frees up your bridal party, family, and friends to just be GUESTS at your wedding. My job is to allow you to be present and not worrying about what is coming next. Don't burden yourself as a bride with having to manage the details of your wedding day. 

Service day-of event: 

  • Bride and Groom know when to arrive

  • Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Family know when to arrive and what to have with them

  • Go over checklist of what each member of bridal party needs with them upon arrival to ensure everything is accounted for at the start of the day

  • Vendors know when to arrive and know where to go upon arrival

  • Vendors each have a copy of schedule 

  • Photographers have "shot list" created by couple

  • DJ has "song list" created by couple

  • Make sure Bartending Service has all things needed

  • Speech-givers are prepared and know when they're expected

  • Make sure guest know where to go upon arrival, after ceremony, and for send off. 

  • Make sure all gifts are packed up and put in designated family members vehicle by end of night.

  • Make sure all Bride and Groom's belongings are in get-away vehicle before send off.

  • Make sure all food is packed up and ready to be loaded into designated vehicle.

  • Make sure all vendors were paid expected amounts by the end of the night.

  • Make sure top of cake is saved, put in freezer during event, and then put in the car of designated family member by end of night.

  • Make sure Bride and Groom have nothing but fun and positive memories of their day and handle all the little details for them.

Service outside of the day of event:

  • Point-of-contact for vendors up to a week leading up to event.

  • I sit down with couple to go over details of the day. We then take those details to create a unique and specific timeline to fit your event.

  • 1-2 face to face meetings with couple about 6-8 weeks prior to event ensure all details are covered and nothing was looked over and missed.

  • Runs Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Your cheerleader and emotional support. 

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