I want to book Pattison House for my event, what’s next?

First step would be to send a million screen shots of our Instagram page to your friends saying you found your venue!


Next, you’ll need to contact, , our Business Operations Manager via e-mail. She will get a contract sent over to you and answer any questions about the contract that you might have. Once you have filled out, signed, and sent us back over the contract – you will receive an e-mail with a link to pay your deposit. Once the deposit has been made, the date is yours!

  • The deposit is half of the venue cost. The rest can be made in payments as long as total payment is made within 60 days of event.

  • You can pay with check via mail or drop off as well.

  • We do have the ability to take credit cards, but it charges you an extra 3% - so we recommend check or banking link.

  • Avery’s contact information can be found on both:


Can you rent certain buildings and areas of the venue? Are there different pricing packages?

We do not rent out areas or buildings individually. We only have one package and it includes all spaces on the venue grounds. Please find information about pricing and what is included on www.avesgrace.com under Pattison House pricing information tab.


What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

Our capacity is 200 guest. This DOES include your wedding party and family. Our Chapel is a 100+ year old barn and we wanted to keep it as authentic as possible. So, we did not make any modifications that would allocate for more space. We can fit 200 guest most comfortably in The Chapel and the rest of the spaces were built around that number.

What is the Pattison House mailing address?

Please address all mail to:

PO BOX 503

Pattison, TX 77466

Do ride sharing apps like Uber/Lyft come to the venue?

They are able to drop off, but not pick up. A driver must be within 5 miles to get the notification that someone needs a ride and there are not many drivers in Pattison, TX


What is the timeline for scheduling set up/decor meetings?

We know you start planning your wedding the second you you’ve booked your venue. (we also know your wedding was probably planned even before!)


That said, we need your final guest count before we can discuss set up.


We are also constantly creating and getting new décor options for you guys to use. We have found that having this meeting any earlier creates extra work on both ends because everything starts changing about 6-8 weeks before the event.


Don’t faint. We are happy to set up a time for you to come walk around the venue and look through our décor options previous to this meeting. We want you to know what options you have!


We are not present for this. We would not have the time to allow this if this was a “meeting” instead of your time to come brainstorm and we want to give you that time. So, come look through stuff and take pictures of the stuff you like!

-Once you have photos of stuff you like, go through our website and see if and how others have used the pieces you like. Get on Pinterest and create a board around those pieces.

  • Please do not text us asking for photos of décor. We ask that you please set up this time to come to the venue and look on your own.

Do we have to use preferred vendors? If so, where can we access those preferred vendor list?
The only preferred vendor list we have is for Catering. This list can be accesses on www.avesgrace.com
Outside of that, we do not do preferred vendors here at Pattison House because we want our couple’s to be able to source vendors that best fit their style and budget. Some couple's this is a cheaper venue option for them, and others they're stretching every penny to make it work so they can get married here. So, we try to keep that in mind and let brides source and find their vendors on their own and budget however they need to.


When and why is security required? Do we book security or how is this handled?
In order for us to be able to allow the serving and consumption of alcohol on our property, we must abide by the TABC guidelines. This requires at least two security officers for events over 50 guest. The officers need to be present at the point of the event that alcohol will be served. 

We take care of the booking and you pay them on the day of the event at the end of the event. 
We use security guards that we know are reliable and trustworthy. Security is crucial at your event. If they don’t show up – you can’t serve alcohol. We like knowing who is coming and working with people who know what we expect from them at our venue. 

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